We are very lucky that we have a lot of very committed supporters of our charity who are kind enough to take on all sorts of activities to fundraise for us. We are extremely grateful to all those who raise money for our charity and have dedicated this page to say a special thank you to those amazing people.

If you or indeed if you know of someone who has raised money for us and would like to be added to our list of “thank you’s” please email us so we can add you!

We also understand that not everyone would like a public thank you for their donation so please let us take this opportunity to say a private thank you – the group really appreciate your efforts no matter how big or small!

We try to add Thank You’s regularly, however there may be a delay between the event and the thank you post!! If you know of someone who has fund raised for us who we can thank please contact us with the event, how much was raised and ideally a photo 🙂

Thank You

A few of the very special people who have donated or raised money for our group
Jumble Sale raises £759

Jumble Sale raises £759

Another huge effort from our members has paid off as CDSSG made £759 profit after expenses at a recent Jumble Sale which was held at Mosley Museum. It was extremely successful selling over 2,000 items and lots of people visited as it was an English Heritage event...

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