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Supporting our members

The Cornwall Down’s syndrome group has been in operation for well over 20 years and has gained a wealth of experience during this time. For new and existing families our strength lies in being informed of what current help and support might be available across the County for all aspects of day to day life.

It is vitally important to be able to access the right channels of information and to be aware of which services can help our members to ensure families are getting the most help available for their situation.

Our local support groups were started by parents for parents. They provide an area where families can not only discuss, meet others and share experiences but also relax, have fun and make new friends!

Due to the geography of the county it’s been quite a challenge to offer support groups around the County. However our goal is that members can easily access a group nearby to them. Indeed we are happy to start other groups around the County if there is enough demand.

Members are welcome to come along for all or only part of a session.

For more information regarding the groups please email Vicky at

Mummy to Henry, 1 month old

From the moment I posted on the CDSSG Looking Up Facebook page, the kindness, acceptance and warmth of the other members was astounding. I was overwhelmed by the support and encouragement we received. These people were total strangers but understood how we felt in that moment like no one else could. I’m not sure what I expected but for the first time since being told our little boy has DS we felt like we weren’t alone. They had all been there, they knew and understood how we were feeling and reassured us that it was all normal.


Carson’s parents

Carson is three in June! We started going to the Family Support Groups when he was just seven weeks old! We’ve made some lovely friends!

Scott & Kylie

Mum to Connie

The Family Support Group has been a great way to meet parents who understand; to be signposted to various support services and to just have fun doing activities and watching the kids play.


Parents to Francesca

Family support groups are a chance to chat and share experiences with other parents. Our children are always going through yet another transition, no matter what their ages and it’s good to talk!

Anne Marie and Frank Gough

Sharing Knowledge

We are pro-active in sharing our knowledge and experience and often put on specific events to share information we have learned. A good example is a Numicon evening which offers people with Down's syndrome a visual approach to learning maths.

These events offer great opportunities to be introduced to some of the resources which can be beneficial in supporting our youngsters learning.

Numicon event
Vicky & Ewin

Vicky Bundy leads Family Support Groups. Here she is pictured with her son Ewin.

We run face to face sessions as well as running sessionsonline via zoom.

If you are interested in finding more about the groups we run please email

Face 2 Face support

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