Going to School Book – inclusion for children with Downs syndrome

The second book in the Looking Up series published by the Cornwall Down’s Syndrome Group (CDSSG)

We are proud to announce the next book in our series “Going to School”, a pictorial story from our members showing youngsters at primary school. This is a follow on from the “Looking Up” book which depicts a photographic journal from a number of our members from birth to 5.

The first 5k copies of ‘Going To School’ went into the BookStart Treasure Packs of every rising school age child in Cornwall. Since its launch 12th September 2016 word is spreading fast and the books are flying off the shelves.

We are also proud to announce that since November 2016, BOTH books will now routinely being given out to new families in NORTH CAROLINA, USA! We are spreading the message of inclusion across the globe.

The “Looking Up” team have been on radio, tv and social media is spreading the word rapidly with celebrities tweeting photographs of them holding a copy, check out our Instagram page for more info.

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