Support for siblings

As every child is unique so are the family dynamics surrounding that child. Our experience has shown that support for siblings is also important and we have put together this page to offer sibling specific links which offer siblings opportunities to share, talk and meet other siblings.

Our local support groups can also also provide a great opportunity for siblings to meet with and connect with others, particularly as sessions are run through the school holidays.

We hope to add more information to this page when we can. If you know of any local support groups/events specific to siblings please contact us and let us know so we can add them here. Likewise if you have any quotes and photos for the siblings page do please get in touch.


CAAP was formed by a group of parents of children with additional needs, to support families to access activities during school holidays. They work hard to provide activities for children with disabilities and also sibling activities.


Sibs is a national charity for brothers and sisters of disabled children and adults. Sibs runs workshops for adult siblings, parents and professionals on sibling issues and also train professionals in children’s services and schools on how to run sibling groups for children.

The best thing about my amazing brother is that he likes to play made up games with me in the evenings ???? additionally I would like to say he’s the best little brother in the universe even though sometimes he make me a little stressed.


We are lucky to have him and we would not change him for the whole world


She may be a bit mischievous but she’s always nice at the end of the day


Lily and Jimbob


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