Kate Perry – book signing “Girl Trapped in a Musical”

kate perryThe very talented Kate Perry recently attended a book signing at Waterstones in Truro for her self published book “Girl Trapped in a Musical”.

The inspiration for this story came from her love of musical theatre and writing but also stemming from her fears for the future, of her parents moving house and her anxieties surrounding this. Her fears of returning home to find that her parents have moved away without her.

The story centers around a girl who enjoys escaping into a world of musicals, away from the real world, only to find herself trapped among good and bad characters from various different musicals.

The book, along with some of the props and images used to illustrate it were shown as part of APEX Arts in this years Inland Art Festival, a contemporary art festival based in Redruth, Cornwall.

Kate has a studio in Krowji, Redruth, Cornwall and spends much of her time there making drawings and screen printing, you can find out more about her on her FaceBook page.