Ewin with the first collection back in 2013 …

Current amount raised £6,000!

This is an ongoing fundraiser – just donate things that you may normally throw away (worn out, stretched, faded items etc..) maybe you have been planning a carboot but haven’t got round to it or you have had one and have come home with things you would rather move on.

The majority of what we collect will be sold at our local charity sales and car boots. We also plan to up-cycle as much material as we can by making a range of hand crafted items at some of our Looking Up and Moving Forward groups.

Items can be taken along to any of our looking up groups or our events / committee meetings for collection. Alternatively if you have a number of bags which need collecting or for any further information please contact Kerry or Vicky.

Do your bit to raise funds for your local group at no cost to you

We currently have a 20foot storage container full of donated items to sell please get in touch if you would be interested in doing a carboot or sale for us? Items we cannot sell we send away for cash so nothing is wasted.

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