From the moment I posted on the CDSSG Looking Up Facebook page, the kindness, acceptance and warmth of the other members was astounding. I was overwhelmed by the support and encouragement we received. These people were total strangers but understood how we felt in that moment like no one else could. I’m not sure what I expected but for the first time since being told our little boy has DS we felt like we weren’t alone. They had all been there, they knew and understood how we were feeling and reassured us that it was all normal.


Mummy to Henry, 1 month old

Looking up Support Groups

The Looking Up Support Groups started a number of years ago by a cluster of mums who had all recently had babies with Down’s syndrome. They decided to start meeting on an informal basis and this then developed into the monthly support groups we offer today – a place where new parents can meet to share information and let their little ones play.

Siblings are also welcomed and the support groups also provide a great opportunity for siblings to meet with and connect with other siblings, particularly as sessions are run through the school holidays.

These groups are still growing organically and sometimes due to the geography of the county and the demand for monthly support groups some of our sessions are tailored for both “Looking Up” and “Moving Forward” families to attend where children of all ages and their parents are welcome.

Not only do the “Looking Uppers” meet regularly to chat and socialise but they also meet to share resources and other information to aid their child’s development.


A few of our Looking Up members …

Carson is three in June! We started going to the looking up groups when he was just seven weeks old! We’ve made some lovely friends!

Scott & Kylie

Carson's parents

The LU group has been a great way to meet parents who understand; to be signposted to various support services and to just have fun doing activities and watching the kids play.


Mum to Connie

Vicky Bundy

Vicky Bundy

Looking Up & Moving Forward Groups Organiser

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