Ofcom – Emmerdale Storyline

please take five minutes to complain to Ofcom as the storyline runs.

To all those within the Down syndrome community, and their family and friends, This is a call to action! We need your help, and together our voices are stronger. Emmerdale has commenced a storyline which sees two characters choose to terminate their pregnancy following a diagnosis of Down syndrome.

We have tried to keep it simple and easy for you to complain. Each week we will summarise the episodes and the storyline so you can choose to formally complain at any time. Please complain as often as you like – lets keep the momentum going! 

We have drafted a template complaint letter which you can download to base your complaint on.  We strongly encourage you to personalise this and give your own reasons for why you do not support the Emmerdale storyline. Our loved ones deserve so much better than this; the more complaints Ofcom receive, the more likely they will be to act.

Please ask all your friends and family if they will help make a stand too, by sharing details of this action online. Remember to use the hashtags: #EducatingEmmerdale, #HearOurVoice #EmmerFail and tag Ofcom, Emmerdale, ITVdrama, DSAInfo, Positive About Down Syndrome, the Postcode Lottery and your local MPs.


Download Letter

Click on the link below to download & save the draft letter. Don’t forget to personalise it to your thoughts and feelings.

>> Download draft letter (pdf)

>> Download draft letter (word doc)

Step 2

Click on the link below to download a table showing the summary of the episodes.

We will keep this updated with the most recent episode at the top of the table.

>> Download a summary of episodes (pdf)


Complaint Form

Once you have edited & personalised the letter, click on the link below.

This will take you to the complaints form for OFCOM. You then need to fill in the form, see steps 3 & 4 for more info.

>> Broadcast complaints | Ofcom page


programme Details

Fill in the programme details on the form using this information:

  • Programme title: Emmerdale
  • Date of Broadcast: (Please see summary table and update to complain after every episode if you can)
  • Time of Broadcast: 19:00
  • Channel / Station: ITV


your complaint

This is where you add your personalised letter. Remember to have the information handy to copy and paste into the form and submit the form when finished.

  • Fill in Subject (Please choose an episode from the summary table – 255 characters or fewer)
  • Fill in Description (this is your complaint  – 1500 characters or fewer).

The whole process in one document

Alternatively download the whole pdf which has all information you need to make a complaint.

We will try and update it as often as we can.

>> Download a pdf of everything

(Updated 5th December)

What to do

We are concerned this storyline will perpetuate negative stereotypes and stigmatise those with Down syndrome. We do not cast judgement on the choices that women make about their pregnancies, and this storyline could have run without targeting our community. It is outdated and offensive.

  • Please help us get our voices heard too.
  • Please help be a positive voice for change.
  • Please support us to make a stand against discrimination and stereotyping which is set to be broadcast into family homes across the UK in the name of entertainment

Thank you for your support.

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