Help – mini user guide

We want you to get the most out of visiting the website so have put together a mini guide for users to access the information:

  • Accessibility for All – text sizes
    You can adjust the size of the text of the website or change to greyscale – just click on the orange button on the right and use the toggle buttons
  • Events – what the calendar can do
    • The Events calendar shows at a glance when there are events on. As the website is responsive the calendar changes size. This means that it is fine looking at it on a big screen where it will list events which are on. When it is viewed on a small screen (i.e. a mobile) there isn’t enough space to show the information thus an event is then represented by a dot. Click on the dot and you will be taken to the event in question.
    • You can also decide how you view events by calendar or by a list. Please have a play around to see what you like best.
    • You can also download and export the events into a calendar on your mobile. Or simply print them off similar to Kerry’s current events planner.

We hope this mini guide helps you get the most out of our website. If you find anything tricky please contact us and let us know.

Thanks for visiting!

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